The Multisport Challenge

Anyone can complete a marathon, triathlon or even ultra cycle or run event. Train for a suitably long distance, add in some open water sessions, practice the bike to run transition to get the feeling of what it's like to go from cycling to running - and you'll get through.

But what if you want to "Know" you can complete it comfortably or want to get the very best out of yourself?

That's where comes in. On this site you'll find what you need in swimming, cycling, running and open water swimming to hit your target at any Multi-Sport or Long Distance Endurance Event.

Train All Year Round in Cape Verde - with our Front Line Villa as Your Base


Our Front Line Villa in Cape Verde is now available as part of a great training camp or to rent for a wonderful holiday. It's right next to th ocean - has 3 beds with 3 baths - and comes with lots of extras.

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With year round temperatures between 24o and 30o and sea temps always warm.

  • 3 Bedrooms - each with an en-suite.
  • Front Line
  • Use of Swim Tow Floats
  • Use of inflatable SUP boards
  • Use of Beach Mats
  • Free standing Bar-B-Que
  • Games Books and CD's free to use

Click the picture to go to AirBnB or click the link below to discover

Personal & Group Triathlon Camps in Cape Verde


Underwater Swimmer

We cover all all strokes aspects of swimming on the site. Tips for getting the maximum speed from each stroke and your turns. We also have a triathlon specific swim section - helpful hints for open water.


Alistair and Jonny Brownlee Cycle

The second discipline in triathlon is often the least coached. However, you need to train well in all the disciplines to get the most from your triathlon experience. This is also the sport where technology can make.


Jonny Borwnlee and Xavier Gomez Running

"60% of runners are injured all the time." ... so don't become a statistic. There isn't simply just one way to run but you can reduce your risk of injury by following some basic rules and training using a well constructed.