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Here we include some selected items that will help youn train and race.

You can also book sessions in swimming cycling or running for yourself or as a gift certificate for your loved ones.

Goggle Fog

Don't suffer from misted up goggles again. Goggle Fog is a simple spray that eliminates condensation inside your goggles. Take a look below how easy it is to use.


Sports Shield

This is made to get rid of chaffing and blistering but

It is great for lubricating your wetsuit
Sport Sheild


To race well our bodies and our equipment has to be in tip top shape. Anything that drags us back makes us slower, so the state of our chain and gearing is important.


Sports Shoe Odour Spray

Perhaps the worst odour comes from sweaty trainers. This spray eliminates odours and has a money-back guarantee.

Stink-free trainer spray

No More Blisters

Blister Shield creates a frictionless barrier anywhere, in clothes, shoes, gloves or anything so blisters simply won't happen.

Blister Shield

In fact, it makes it comfortable :-

Walking - Running - Cycling - Yard Work - Gardening

and any situation where a blister would stop you.

Sports Kit Detergent

This detergent is specifically designed to remove all sweat marks  and odours from athletic clothing while restoring the performance of all techno-fibres.


It eliminates odours completely so they don't return, not just masking them, so they disappear only to come back later.

.... And they give a money back guarantee if you're not fully satisfied.