One to One Sessions

Becoming More Efficient

Analysing your swimming, cycling and running with good quality video allows a coach to isolate different elements of your technique. From that they can then analyse your biomechanics and technical skills to correct any errors and ensure you're using the most economical and effective movement possible.

We use underwater and above surface video for swimming. For cycling and running we have slow motion video options so filming is really effective, capturing important elements of your form.

For complete coverage we also use a drone, which can to follow you where we can't normally go.

Reviewing this detailed video allows you to see clearly what's going on and helps you understand what can be done to improve your performance.

Analysis and More

On the right is an example of why video analysis can be important and how a coach may spot what you might not be able to.

The ultimate aim is to maximise your speed but an equally important is a reduced likelihood of injury.

Individual sessions are generally done for swimming or running, those are the two where the mechanics of what you do can be so variable and where poor mechanics can lead to a few unwanted outcomes:

To get you back into the swimg of things we've reduced our hourlyn coaching fee to a flat £50 and you can put a session in our diary by completing one ofthe forms below:-

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