Group Swimming Sessions

Where you can get expert coach led sessions with video analysis.

Friday Morning Swim - 6:30 to 7:30

Now Booking 13th Jan to 10th March

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28/10/22 - Fun & Fitness

Sessions concentrate on fitness and triathlon training, periodising the sessions to be in line with the Triathlon racing season.

We're currently entering the preperation phase, concentrating on form and technique.

Video analysis equipment available at every session.

The cost for each session is £10


The Venue
Elstree Way,
Herts WD6 1JY

Our primary aims are:-

  • Correcting your stroke mechanics
  • Getting your fitness right for your event
  • Improving your speed
  • Setting target times for your events
  • Practising race strategies

We're off for the Holidays until 13th January

Book ahead and guarantee your place.

Next Session 27th January

Yes We're Learning Tumble Turns!

When you tumble turn it maintains momentum into and out of the turn. It also gives you more confidence and helps you practice holding your breath for a period, even when you're making an effort. Hopefully, at the end of this sesion, touch turns will be a thing of the past.

Fridays Session