Training Camps 2020

Our camps for 2020 are very flexible starting at the end of February.

Apart from nice weather and the chance to get away to the sun, everyone has different reasons for attending a training camp. Your aims are likely to depend on your level of competition and the distance you want to race. Here are some of the benefits you're likely to gain;

Our specialisation is in personalisation, building a camp that fulfills your own specific needs. With expertise in taking underwater and slow motion video plus the ability to take Drone footage of your running and cycling, you'll get insights into your form unavailable from other training camps.

Spending time with you, analysing and chatting, is all part of the camp experience. Here's what we'll do:

  • Analyse your swim technique.
  • Assess your cycling - both general form and while manoeuvring.
  • Video Your Running.
  • Use slow motion video analysis to spot any weaknesses.
  • Find the current speeds / effort levels you should be racing at.
  • Set Achievable goals for your upcoming season.
  • Have a great week of training.

This video will give you a flavour of the island.

February to September 2020

Find out much more about the camps, the programme, as well as Cape Verde and what you can do on the Island visit our sister site at Cape Verde Triathlon

The Camp

March 1st 2020

6 Days of Camp

There are flights from Gatwick and Manchester on Sunday 1st March. From Birmingham on 28th Feb and Washington (USA) on 29th Feb. All of these would be for a stay of 7 nights - or longer if you wish.

The purpose of this early pre-season camp would be:

  • Assess your swim technique and make corrections.
  • Get in meaningful open water training.
  • Improve your running technique, correcting faults and minimising the chance of injury.
  • Kick start your cycling, practicing good techniques and aerodynamics.
  • Practise transitions, mounting / dismounting and the correct setup for you.
  • To set achievable racing targets based on our observations.
Cycling in Cape Verde

Cycling to Murdeira.

Cycling in Cape Verde

Ocean Swimming Santa Maria


If You're Looking For the Complete Camp Experience Choose;

Surf Zone Appartments

A stones throw from the beach in Santa Maria these are a newly built mixture of studio, 1 bed and 2 bedroomed apartments.

They are fully equiped and air conditioned, with cooking facilities. However, being in the centre of town, you can easily step out to find great breakfasts, lunches and dinners just steps away.

There will be a secure room for bikes, so you can enjoy your apartment without a bike cramping your style and Land Training and Yoga can be undertaken on the exceptionally spacious roof - overlooking the beach and town center.

Appt Price Sleeps
2 Bed €526 4
1 Bed Ocean View €484 2
1 Bed €421 2
Studio €351 2
Surf Zone Roof

The whole family will enjoying the Clutter Free beaches ...

... and while they're here they can take the oportunity to try some new sports and experiences.

Or Choose Your Hotel / Apartment

It's often the case that a few members of a family enjoy triathlon - but not necessarily everybody does.

Don't worry, your whole family will enjoy their stay in CV. Athletes get top quality training, while the rest of the family will enjoy one of the best holiday destinations in the world. If the majority of your party is not into Triathlon you may prefer to book a hotel or apartment with facilities that will keep everyone entertained throughout the day. In that case - in our opinion - the best places to stay are:

The Morabeza Hotel
The Hilton Hotel
The Odjo D'Agua Hotel
Porto Antigo Apartments
Leme Bedje Apartments

Individuals - Groups - Clubs

Whether you want a camp for an individual, a family, a club or group of friends we will set up each camp to the specific requirements of the athletes in your group. Our pre-arranged camps will have a programme designed to give every participant appropriate and challenging training. Participants can be young (aged 13+), beginners, those who want to become competive right through to professional triathletes.

Coaching Costs

Our pre-arranged camps can include individuals or groups of triathletes - the coaching cost being dependent on the number of triathletes in your group.

Personalised training camps for a 7 night stay, with a camp running for 6 days, can be priced exactly. Anything out of the ordinary needs to be priced individually, so we can precisely match your requirements. Choose where you want to stay, from any of the hotels and apartments on the Island and we will tailor every aspect of the training to your individual needs.

Coaching Costs for our Group Camps Are:
No. of Athletes Fee Per Person
1 £325
2 £300
3 £275
4 plus £250

Coaching costs include:- all sessions coach led PLUS backup for cycle sessions PLUS video during sessions and video analysis PLUS land training and transition practice. There is no fee for those in your group not participating in the camp.


Many airlines now fly to Sal from Europe, North and South America and Africa. However, 3 airlines are specialists:


Tui plane

Tui (Thompson) have direct flights going to Cape Verde from many airports in the UK. There are 2 airports that fly on a Sunday and at the time of writing, both options are available on March 1st.

Airport Current Price
London Gatwick £559
Manchester £399
Tui Flights website


TAP plane

TAP is the national airline of Portugal. They fly to Sal every day from Lisbon normally departing late (between 22:00 and 23:00) and arriving between 0:00 and 1:00 local time.

You can link with the Sal flight using TAP (Gatwick or Heathrow) or any other airport.

The current best price on March 1st From Heathrow is £487.51.

TAP website


TACV Routes

TACV is the national airline of Cape Verde and you can link to Sal from many airports, but most interestingly from North American airports:- Washington (DC) and Boston.

At the time of going to press you can travel from Washington to SAL on 29/02/20 returning on 06/03/20

for £476.20

TACV website

Swimming in Santa Maria

Video your running.

Take ride to Pedre de Lume....

.... or to the port of Palmeira.