Weekly FREE professionally designed session plans in swimming cycling (Turbo) and running.

Our aim is to give you an introduction into structured sessions, so you go to train with a plan and aims for the things you do. Training with a plan is always better than training haphazardly, even if you simply jot down a few thoughts before you go out. You can find out more about planning by following this link

Enjoy these sessions - and if you have any questions please feel free to email.

In triathlon you often have a period at the beginning of a race where you effectively "Go Into the Red". This session addresses the problem of being out of your comfort zone and then getting back to swimming with good form at your race pace.

After a good warm up, including a kick set and 450m of drills, the main set is 1200m in repeats of 200m. At the start of each swim there's a hard segment that increases as the set progresses but from that point you swim steadily, effectively a controlled pace that should be your long distance race pace.

We finish off with Man Speed 1/2 length swim to get the feeling of speed.

Swimming session

This week we're practicing going up hill on a graded climb pyramid.

After a good warm up you sit in your saddle in a gear with some resistance - outer ring 2nd or 3rd gear would be best. Stay in the saddle for 1 minute then get out of the saddle for 1 minute, After that spend 1 more minute in the saddle and either up your gearing 1 gear or increase the resistance on your turbo.

Go up 6 gears doing the same in and out the saddle and then come down again (5 times down as you don't repeat the highest gearing twice). If you can maintain the same cadence throughout if you can, but it will get tough as you get to your highest gear or resistance.

turbo session plan

The main set in this session is done above your triathlon race pace. What's more, by splitting the 1.2k segments into a 400m and 800m run with 20s rest in between the two it should allow you to run the 400m at a higher pace than the 800m. Keep to the 20s rest and try to maintain your effort through the total 6k set.

running session plan