Weekly FREE professionally designed session plans in swimming cycling (Turbo) and running.

Our aim is to give you an introduction into structured sessions, so you go to train with a plan and aims for the things you do. Training with a plan is always better than training haphazardly, even if you simply jot down a few thoughts before you go out. You can find out more about planning by following this link

Enjoy these sessions - and if you have any questions please feel free to email.

After a warm up today we continue with 100m mixed swims, 1L Scull + 1L Fists + 2L Swim. Try to do the scull in the catch position, with your arms on the surface in front of you, elbows on the surface with your forearms and hands lower and moving side to side. Then clench your fists for 1 length and swim for 2 lengths. the aim is to help you feel the water better.

If you swim with a partner then the drafting set should alternate with you leading, just in front of the next swimmer, and the other swimmer leading. If there's 3 or more of you then take it in turns to lead, perhaps by round. Swim all of these slightly above your natural race pace, which as it says will be easy on the 25's but will get harder as the distance increases.

Finish it all with 10 lots of sprints where the second length is a recovery swim.

Swimming session

This session has a mixture of effects, race pace and above followed by a sprint set to test your legs.

During the main set make sure your effort in the 7:30 min section is at your race pace and then raise your gearing by 1 or 2 cogs and maintain your cadence (leg speed).

After 2 set of the longer set the sprints will feel hard on your legs. 30s at 120 rpm (again leg speed) will be hard and you should feel the leg burn as the set progresses. It's effect is meant to help you build and flush away lactic acid, so the feeling is natural in this type of exercise. Go for it!

In the drills this week there is a 2 right hop, 2 left hop to 4 light runs. These hops are meant to be short and fast, not long and slow. you're meant to be using your connective tissue not your muscle to generate the hop. Make sure you keep the footfall on the runs the same as the footfall in the hops, nice and light with very little sound coming from your feet landing on the ground. Then in the build set keep that same good form.

The main set consists of 5 x 1k runs done above your triathlon race pace with a 200m walk / jog recovery in between. Keep an eye on the clock, you don't want to be to slow on these and you don't want to be so fast that you can't maintain that higher pace throughout the set.