Weekly FREE professionally designed session plans in swimming cycling (Turbo) and running.

Our aim is to give you an introduction into structured sessions, so you go to train with a plan and aims for the things you do. Training with a plan is always better than training haphazardly, even if you simply jot down a few thoughts before you go out. You can find out more about planning by following this link

Enjoy these sessions - and if you have any questions please feel free to email.

On Line Coaching / Mentoring

Most of us do better when we inter-react with others. Having a coach / mentor is widely recognised in business, education and in life, to be a massive assistance in gaining success. Having someone supporting you in achieving your goals helps

  • Build a training plan that fits your lifestyle & commitments.
  • Keep a firm focus on your goals.
  • Design targets that are achievable but sufficiently difficult.
  • Give you a mental boost when you need it most.

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Cape Verde Training Camps

February - March 2020

Getting away to a warm climate with likeminded people and a professional coaching team is the best way to kick starting your training and re-invigorate your sport mojo. join us and experience;

  • Warm weather training at a great venue.
  • Professionally coached sessions throughout.
  • Video analysis of your swim / cycle / run and transitions.

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In this session the drill sets are a mixture of doggy paddle (DP) to swimming by 2L. With the DP make sure you grab the water in front of you with a high elbow and lower forearm and then move your arm all the way to your thigh, while rotating to the stroking side to get your hip out of the way of your arm, then recover your arm underwater.

The main set is a 1500m swim done as a mixture of steady and hard swimming. effectively we're trying to negatively split each swim by swimming longer hard segments. Keep the effort honest and this session will prepare you for mixed efforts during a race.

Swimming session

We rarely do drills on the bike but when you're on a Turbo it's a perfect time to do some. In this session these are in single legged cycle drills done for 1 minute each leg and then repeated. If you want you could even try these when you're on your bike out on the road - to add something different to your open road sessions.

The main set is done at your race pace, upping your resistance (or gearing if you have no resistance settings) to halfway to full and then upping it to your full resistance (or highest gear). Timings are 3 mins, 2 mins and 1 min followed by a 1 minute recovery. Lactate will build in your legs over the set, the aim of the recovery is to flush that lactate away.

turbo session plan

Some triathletes ignore the benefits of running swiftly. They believe that only by running long and slowly will they benefit from a session. That's simply wrong! Fast sessions help you to run faster in races, so they should hold an important place in any training schedule.

6 x 200m run really fast with a good recovery not only improves your speed but also improves your running form. At higher speed you sink less into your ankle and increase your cadence, something everyone needs to run distances faster. After the main set there is a steady 2k run done at above your normal race pace. Try to maintain the style of the 200m running in the 2k effort.

running session plan