On Line Coaching / Mentoring

For anyone looking to succeed in any sporting endeavour following a well structured plan helps. It also helps to be coached by someone who is dedicated and experienced in finding the best way for you to achieve your goals.

That's what we're looking for here.

Taking your goals and making them achievable.

A Coaching Plan to Suit Your Lifestyle

The Basics

The Focus is You

..... a coach's sole focus should be on the goals and ambitions of his athletes.

Whatever your aims the job of a coach is quite simple:- To take you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

That has to be achieved while taking into account your lifestyle, family commitments and available time for taining.

That's true for any sport. Here's how we can help with single or multi-sport coaching:

  • Triathlon Training.
    • Beginner: from couch potato to crossing the line.
    • Improver: finding out your true potential.
    • Competitor: qualify for world championships or podium finish.
    • Long Distance: the best pacing and nutricion plans.
  • Swimming
    • Single Stroke: interactive video analysis and full planning.
    • Multi Stroke: be your best at county to national levels.
  • Running
    • Parkrun: your first 5k - let's get going.
    • Marathon & 1/2 Marathon: planning for success.
    • Power: using a power meter to aid your training & racing.
  • Cycling
    • Targeted: getting through a specific event or improving your speed.

How it Works


In all our plans we do not plan the next week until we have reviewed how the past week has gone for you. So contact beween us is important. You can use;

✓ email
✓ text
✓ WhatsApp
✓ Skype

I'm happy to have face to face meetings using any method, subject to time constraints.

You can also send video clips you've managed to take and we'll analyse these and give feedback.


We'll deliver the weekly programme using either TrainingPeaks or Excel spreadsheets

You can have a free membership of TrainingPeaks and it gives indications of your fitness, form and readiness to race, when used in conjunction with a smart watch (like Garmin, Polar etc.).

Excel plans will be delivered through a shared DropBox folder.

training plans

TrainingPeaks gives us information through analytics it provides and we can often complete the next phase without contact, although that is not ideal.

Video Analysis

We're happy to analyse video of your swimming, cycling and running. To do that you will have to take the video - preferably in good quality, at least 1080p HD - slow motion would be great too. We will deliver feedback both verbally and through video analysis on the YouTube Channel SwimCycleRunCoach."

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