One to One Sessions

Analysing your swimming, cycling and running with good quality video allows a coach to isolate different elements of your technique. From that we can then analyse your biomechanics and technical skills to correct any errors and ensure you're using the most economical and effective movement possible.

We use our own Swim Wand underwater video system for swimming. For cycling and running we use slow motion video to get really effective slow motion film that captures every element of your form as well as drones to follow you where normally we can't go. Playing back such detailed video allows you to see clearly what's going on and helps you understand what can be done to improve your performance.

On the right is an example of why video analysis can be important and how a coach can spot what you might not.

The ultimate aim is to maximise your speed but an equally important by product of video analysis is a reduced likelihood of injury.

Our Prices are:

1 to 4 Sessions £70 per hour

5 to 9 or more Sessions £60 per hour

10 or more Sessions £50 per hour

There may also be a Lane Booking Fee for swimming and any other reasonable expenses that may need to be covered, incurred solely to deliver the session.


← Example of Video Analysis for Swimmers and this is Available for:
  • Swim
  • Cycle
  • Run


To Book a session or enquire:

Phone: - 020 8421 8866

email:- 1-2-1 Enquiry